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Yes you did, and some of us warned of it early in the game.

$70 a tank gas, lock down on ammo, and a serious gun grab.

Hey Nate, I paid $0.25 for my first box of .22lr way back in the day. A brick was $2.25 but I could not afford that.

But I was throwing newspapers for $12 a week and thought having two boxes was an extravagance.
So what were you doing with the $11.50? I'd have been buying 5 bricks of 22lr ammo per week and shooting all of it, too. As it was, I was using my $1.75 of lunch money to buy 3 boxes of 22 shorts, 1969. I'd go over to the Dairy Queen and eat some of their mayonaise, relish and catsup. to this day, I favor 1000-island salad dressing, which I had never heard of before I turned 20. :-) That's all that 1000-island is, a mix of those condiments.