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Thread: where have all posters gone

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    Default where have all posters gone

    I know this may seem like the pot calling the kettle black, as i myself have not posted in such a long time.
    was just looking at how old the threads are. guess it's time to start shaking things up a bit, heh heh
    so let's start reconnecting eh. it's nice to see old faces again so to speak
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    Well, I'm by here every day. I'm just not so good at starting threads.
    True enough, my final home is still out there, but this is most certainly my home range and I love it. I love every rock I fall off and tree I trip over. Even when I am close to dying from exhaustion, a beautiful sunset doesn't lose it's power to refresh and inspire me and that, in itself, is enough to save me sometimes.

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    We lost several of our heavy posting members in rapid succession to either death or unknown causes.

    Sarge, Daniel Nighteyes, Hunter63, DS Johnson...

    There might be others but that is the way of a forum, you are here one day and gone the next and it is often not clear why.

    Others just lost interest, and there is the present trend of going to Instagram or Facebook for ten word blips of information rather than discussions.

    You tube also catches many people on the Google search now. Since all of those parties own each other and have advertising income linked to hits they refer google searches to You-tube before offering forums. You get one sided disinformation offered by the latest moron with a camera on his phone.

    There was a time when if you did a google search for wilderness skills individually; fire making, water filtration, traps and woodcraft, or homesteading, Wilderness Survival Forums was #1 or #2 on the google search recommendations and we had a ton of traffic. Not so any more.
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    I still post some nonsense every now and then. Most all my survival experiences take place indoors or out on the hwy these days... Surviving San Antonio traffic is its own set of skills......


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    how bout DC or atlanta hewh
    coyotes listen to them, like children of the night what music they make.

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    I still pop in to see what's new.
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    I still pop in from time to time.

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    I stop in every day. But I usually post about spammers and those threads get deleted.
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