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    Default Hey Alan!!!

    Hey Alan I just wanted to check and see if deadfall traps and snares are legal in Texas?

    I could google it but that would not get me any forum time, so I'll ask.

    There is a hip-hop, man-child, that does not qualify for big boy pants yet on you-tube out of San Antonio that does not know "jack", doing videos that are so fake they scream at the camera. Still he has about a quarter million followers.

    He claims to be "surviving" in Texas using mostly snares and deadfalls, with the occasional commando blowgun with those plastic needle darts in use.

    He claimed to kill an armadillo with the blowgun on one show and I am still trying to figure that one out. I have seen some better stuff than a blowgun dart bounce off an armadillo in the past.
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    Just saw this. I know snares are used to control wild hogs. The way I've read the laws (on a perfunctory level) is that they must be checked at least every 36 hours and whatever animal in them removed. Personally, barring an actual survival situation I don't much care for them. Deadfalls are the same. I haven't seen the you tube in question but the guy sounds like an idiot. As big as Texas is and as much open country there is, most of it is privately owned, and it ain't cheap any more either. If a fellow is out in the woods "survivin" then he must be stoopid. It's one thing to know how to do stuff in a pinch, quite another to make it a way of life. The thing about snares and deadfalls is that at some point he's going to kill something that is not in season or is illegal to kill. That's going to make him a poacher and therefore a criminal, and a stooopid criminal at that....



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