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Thread: Occupying the Winter

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    Default Occupying the Winter

    We have finally had a change of weather up here and the word has been passed finally that winter is near.

    Cold air means that I am more confined to the domestic domain and the search for something to do is upon me.

    I was cleaning up the spillage from the "knife crate" the other day and found some rustic blades I had forged back in my reenactment hey-day. Pioneer knives!

    I also found an old tanto blade I bought from Smokey Mountain Knife Works a decade ago, and when I began the search for handle material I found the old stash of maple I had rescued from a kindling pile, a box of deer antler, and half a machete.

    It is half a Tranantino from Brazil so it has good steel. I had cut it down from the 24" length to 14".

    After all that I decided to emulate our esteemed knife making leader and make some micarta all by myself! I have made myself up a little press device, cut up every pair of blue jeans I had been saving for making sandbags for the range, and bought some epoxy.

    Now if you guys do not hear from me for a while send the SAR unit out because I have glued myself to the workbench out in the shop and I can't get it out the door and around the house so passers by can see me.

    They would probably just point and laugh come to think about it.
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    I hope you don't seclude yourself too much. Been there. Done that. You add a lot to the forum and the members. Ya old fart.


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    Good luck with the build. Let me know if I can help.
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