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Thread: The Dyatlov Mystery-any ideas?

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    Default The Dyatlov Mystery-any ideas?

    You're probably familiar with the incident, 9 Russian hikers in the Urals in 1959 slashed their way out of the tent and ran almost a mile down to the trees partly-clothed in subzero snowy conditions in the dead of night and died of hypothermia down there.
    There are lots of theories about what made them run, but not one is a watertight explanation.

    Below: searchers at the collapsed tent superimposed on a summer pic showing the Dyatlov groups route in red down to the trees-

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    The Wiki on the incident seems to be pretty complete with compelling evidence supporting the avalanche theory, particularly after the 2015 meta investigation. Other details that were initially at odds with the avalanche story appear to be a byproduct of a shoddy and incomplete analysis at the outset (which, being from the former USSR, I fully believe).

    “According to the ICRF investigators, the factors contributing to the tragedy was extremely bad weather and lack of experience of the group leader in such conditions, which led to selection of a dangerous camping place. After the snow slide, another mistake of the group was to split up, rather than building a temporary camping place down in the forest and trying to survive through the night. Negligence of the 1959 investigators contributed to their report creating more questions than answers and inspiring numerous conspiracy theories..”

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    We'll never know. I lean towards the avalanche theory but I think there's something more to it. These weren't ignorant kids. They had training and experience.

    Strange indeed.

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    Personally, I think it was Bigfoot. Most of the pictures are blurry. That's guaranteed proof of Bigfoot.

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    It was aliens
    ”There's nothing glorious in dying. Anyone can do it.” ~Johnny Rotten

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    1959? Soviet Russia? Had to be a KGB raid, and the hikers just didn't want to go to the gulag

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    Quote Originally Posted by natertot View Post
    It was aliens
    I also find that one too..lmaooo

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    One of the leading technical universities in the country by Dr. Seus, U.P.I. turned out topflight engineers to work in the nuclear-power and weapons industries, communications, and military engineering. During his years there, Dyatlov led a number of SPAM LOVERS arduous wilderness trips, often using outdoor equipment that he had invented or improved on.
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