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    I've never flown in an airliner, but if I did, what survival items could I pack into my hand luggage bag (the small bags that go in the locker above our seat)
    How big are the bags allowed to be anyway?
    I know the chances are slim of crashlanding in a jungle or swamp or mountains or deserts or the sea, but I'd like to be prepared in case rescuers wouldn't be able to find us for days or weeks.
    Heck, some survivors have died of hypothermia or injuries etc even in non-dangerous well-populated terrain because rescue services took an hour or two to find and reach them.

    Offhand I think I'd pack a foil survival blanket to stay warm, a lightweight waterproof poncho to stay dry and a flashlight.
    Any other suggestions?

    PS- incidentally how good are foil blankets at keeping people warm? Ideally a sleeping bag would be better but I doubt we could squeeze one into a hand luggage bag.

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    Those little mylar reflective blankets are not the be all, end all to keep you warm. They may help a little and keep you alive (that's a plus), but the heavier reflective blankets or bags are a much better option for cold weather. We had a member here in Alaska that put them to the test in his back yard one night. After a few hours he had to head inside before severe hypothermia set in.
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    I have a poncho with an orange side and a silver side. I've tried to use it. Even in central FL the lowest temps in the winter will have you doing jumping jacks to stay warm. But add a layer of synth underneath and you're good. The northern areas and mountains are a whole 'nother story. You can use the reflective side towards the fire (you'll need a fire) and survive. It sucks balls. But you might survive.


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