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Thread: Hey how you all doing

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    Smile Hey how you all doing

    Hello all. Been a bit so I thought I'd drop by n say hey.
    Winters going away fast here. In the 60s so the 2 feet of snow is thawing. We have a few hundred seeds started, tomatoes n such.
    Our meat bunnies , 3 black New Zealand does n 1 Californian buck. Started earning their keep. Average 7 kits per mama but we'll see how many get to the table. Our goal is to put up 250 pounds of canned n frozen bunny friers this summer.
    Our daughter n her guy n me made a fuel run to our cabin a couple weeks ago. Just in time because the snow bridges we need to cross the open water are collapsing. We freighted out near 80 gallons of gasoline. The fellow we use in the non frozen months when we have to fly out gets a little twitch when I ask about flying out gasoline in his airplane.
    And best of all. I got to hang with our daughter n go for a snogo ride to the cabin. The snow was 5'-8' deep in most places. Harvested some chaga. It was like 15' up a birch tree n I was able to stand on my snogo n harvest it.
    Still working with our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Rosy on hunting up moose antlers. She's pretty much on all hand control for basic commands. I can throw a half a Kong chew toy while she is looking the other way so basically a blind retrieve in to 3' of snow in the trees, brush n that dog won't quit till she finds it. I also use the butt end of a moose antler also to get her use to them. The butt end has the most odor, fat n blood cells.
    Our 4 year old grandson thinks he's ready for the x games on his snogo, no fear. I'm visiting my dad at the moment n the lakes here are open. Papas taking his grandson fishing to catch his first fish. Bluegills make great break in fishes. His Nana taught him how to cast yesterday in the back yard. Little tweety bird rod n reel . On his third attempt he almost made it into the neighbors yard, he got it n practiced in the yard. The same yard that I grew up in n learned to cast. Zebco 202. Could take that reel apart n reassemble blindly.
    Coffees getting cold so enough for a bit.

    Hey all hello n goodbye

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    Good to see you back. Sounds like life is good.
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    Out of snow?

    We'll send you some more (wait, let me check my forecast) uh, next Tuesday and then a little more early May. said you already planted?

    Uh... don't worry. Forecasts are never right here. Just strike all that up there.
    True enough, my final home is still out there, but this is most certainly my home range and I love it. I love every rock I fall off and tree I trip over. Even when I am close to dying from exhaustion, a beautiful sunset doesn't lose it's power to refresh and inspire me and that, in itself, is enough to save me sometimes.

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    Sounds like a nice spring!
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    Five feet of snow. That is God's way of telling me not to live there.

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    Hello all. How we doing ? I'm feeling like the most blessed guy in the world so pretty good. Garden is all in, tomatoes are hydroponic, bunnies are bunnies so we went from 4 to 55 . The neighbor has lots of halibut n fresh chicken eggs and we barter. My family is all around me. And we have a really good dog.
    I helped our grandson catch his first fish. He will go from bluegill to salmon. Got to looking yesterday we have 4 atvs here somehow again n my beautiful wife is looking at another one.
    I have not made it to our cabin yet so I'm getting a bit antsy about that. That just reminded me to put the bear skull that has been ripening in the shed in the ant hill and that reminded me about the bear hide in the freezer yet to tan.
    When this is all I really have to worry about i guess I'm feeling pretty blessed


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