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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hello wilderness survival forums. I'm a 30 year old survivalist/prepper. I live in the southern part of Alabama. Currently a nursing student. I enjoy gardening, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and all that good stuff. I login to casino igame AND PLAY FROM MY MOTHER'S BASEMENT came across the site while doing a google search on a knife and the site looked nice so I signed up.
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    Also it would be cool to meet like-minded people here.

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    A couple of things..........

    You are NOT in southern Alabama.

    You comented how great a video is that is not available to view.

    I'm watching.

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    And here I thought all you Canadian's were nice. So sad.

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    I like to play too) my favorite platformIS A COMMODORE 64. I also play in my mommy's basement.
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    Ahhhhh... The Commodore 64.... Such fond memories... didn't need a password back in those days. You had to know the secret sequence of floppy disc exchange switching back and forth between the data disc and the program disc... Space Invaders! Those were the days....


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    I know a guy who stayed in the basement for almost a year, training himself. This is a good cause, however, I wouldn't be able to live like that. He ordered food delivery from the local restaurants and played games. I still wonder what those games were, but I hope he took them from as this is one of my favorite websites ever.


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