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Thread: In search of contact infor for the late Daniel Nighteyes

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    Default In search of contact infor for the late Daniel Nighteyes

    Greetings all,

    I am in search of serial number cataloging of Gerber BMF & LMF knives and have discovered via this forum that someone by the name of Daniel Nighteyes was on the same quest several years back. I have also discovered that he has sadly passed a few years ago. I am in hopes of finding contact info to his family or friends that might happen to know if his work on this project has been preserved and stored by someone??

    Any info is appreciated!

    Thanks so much,

    Best regards to all.

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    there was a member on bushcraft usa that I believe was Daniel, cannot remember his name on that forum. Maybe it was robert redfern. I hope it's ok I mention another forum but I' just trying to help out.
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    Thank you very much, will look into it.
    much appreciated.


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