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Thread: Vine that does not attract bees

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    Default Vine that does not attract bees

    We are looking to cover an outdoor fence about 7 feet high in partial sun with an evergreen vine. Our son has a significant bee allergy so we are looking for one that has a very short flowering season or has a flower than does not attract bees. One that is not toxic to touch or dangerous for kids to be around. Preferably one that is more leafy than woody/stemmy. A low maintenance vine is a plus. The plantar in which the vine would be planted is about 2 feet deep and 70 feet long. We live in Southern California close to the coast. What would be your recommendation? Thank you!
    Some options we are considering:
    -Red mandevilla
    -Creeping fig
    -Grapeless grapevine
    -Bower Vine
    -Carolina jasmine
    -Beaumontia vine

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    The question is, who will pollinate the grape flowers? Are you sure you will get a good harvest without pollination? Bees are very easy to handle. The main thing is not to use perfumes and household chemicals with a strong smell, do not wave your hands. And then there will be no problems with natural pollination processes. Bees are naturally non-aggressive.

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    Normally, if bees are working a flow, they won't bother anyone or anything. They just want to get the nectar and get gone. We have Confederate Jasmine on a fence. It makes a very sweet flower and I do not recall seeing an over abundance of bees on it. Biggest issue I had with it was chopping it back every year.



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