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Thread: Gucci Glock lpk?

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    Default Gucci Glock lpk?

    My Google Fu has failed to find a lpk for a 19 build. The big name reliable dealers seem to be out. The frame is done and I'm itchin' to test fire.

    Yeah it's a longshot but I though I'd try.


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    Type in Glock 19 lpk - lots of options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crashdive123 View Post
    Type in Glock 19 lpk - lots of options.
    For Chinese parts. But Made in the USA is scarce. I have 2 kits coming. One is twice as expensive as the other. It'll be a good side to side comparison. The expensive one says "Made in the USA". Now for the upper. Slides are pretty easy. The guts not so much.


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