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Thread: New AR-15, 20" barrel

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    Default New AR-15, 20" barrel

    Life for most of us has been pretty boring, for me at least. I was surfing the Daytona Tactical web sight checking the availability of an AR-10 kit. Somehow I came across an AR-15 223 upper receiver assembled with a 20" barrel. Bolt group and charge handle not included. The upper was only $167.. I had been thinking it would be great to have a 20" barrel for target shooting.. Before I could talk myself out of it I ordered the upper receiver and an 80% lower receiver just in case.

    Daytona Tactical warned me shipping could take 14 to 21 days. I was surprised it came in just 7 days, the same day I had my carpal tunnel surgery actually. I needed a week to test fire because of my recent surgery. I borrowed a lower receiver, bolt and charge handle from an AR-15 I already had on hand. Been to the gun range three times with the 20" barrel. I'm shooting 1/2" groups at 100 yards using a 12X scope. My AR-15 223, 16" barrels shoot 2-4" groups with the 12X scope. I'm having a great time with this 20" barrel.

    Decided I may as well machine up the 80% receiver. After the receiver was machined up I decided may as well order the lower parts kit and the buffer components and stock. So,,,now the 20" upper is a complete AR-15 but I still need to Borrow the bolt and charge handle from another AR.

    Thinking this has been fun I began thinking about the new 300 Blackout barrel, gas tube and block I bought years ago and never used. All I needed was the upper receiver and handguard and I would have a useable 300 Blackout upper so I did. It wasn't as easy as I thought but test fired it yesterday and works great.
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