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    Good morning all. Thought stop in n say hey. The prompt asked me to too. Finally made out to the cabin with our son for some moose hunting. Yeeehhaaaah ! Found some frog spawn on the way. Read that when frogs get attached they eject their eggs. May frogs are always ready. Looks like tapioca, right there on the muskeg. Not much taste though. My family always gives me grief when I taste things. Most that has ever happened is my tongue going kinda numb. I did find a mushroom that did that on this trip. Little brown bugger if that sounds familiar. Nothing like frog spawn fresh off the tundra. Found some chagga tea in some birch trees. Iím ready for 1300# of moose. Iíd post some pictures if was smart enough. Stupid computer!
    Anyhow hope all are well n safe.
    BTW . Canít you hugs get better at blowing up those houses that those jerk spammers habitat in ?

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    Okay so not feeling much love here folks. Really the frog stuff was real . And the hunting fabulous. Had to go pull apart the beaver dam again. Then I took a nap on top of their house. Had to dry my britches s I spread em out on the blueberry bushes. Hawaii had nuttin on me. Donít ask for a picture.

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    I could have sworn I replied to this already? I guess not! Good to see around, Aklogcabin. Things are pretty slow around here, maybe just because it's summer.

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    Hey thanks phaedrus. My wife uses that same phrase. Things here are real busy. I get to hang out at our cabin for a month. I love Ak this time of year. Fall colors n smells. Hunting season. Hopefully a moose. But we have lots of wolves n a few bears of both colors too. But the family time is the best.

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