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    Talking permaculture

    Hello, I like what I see in this forum, since I am undertaking a PROJECT TO SPAM THE FORUM with my family, you can see it in the link. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. A hug
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    We just Loooove spammers from Columbia. Shoot, we were talkin' last week, it's been ages since we've had a spammer from Columbia. Constructive feedback you want? We can provide that all day long. First, let's start by moving out of mom's basement. I've actually been to Columbia. Yes, I have. So, you will understand when I tell you, no dar papaya. When you open that basement door into the bright sunshine be aware of your surroundings. Life is a lot different in the real world. Learn Kungfu. You've seen it on TV. You can do it. If a robber attempts to rob you, whip some moves on him. If he doesn't kill you, he'll think you're crazy and flee. There you go. Constructive feedback. Oh, yea. Wear a hong. It's warm in Bogata. And sandals. The cobblestone and brick roads are tough on the tootsies.


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