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Thread: Ways to fight cornia virus

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    Default Ways to fight cornia virus

    To fight anything you must first know your enemy. Learn what is wrong and how to protect yourself first, if you can. What is the problem? SECURE the problem, so that others do not walk into the infection zone or problem. Where is it coming from? Secure, isolate the problem to protect others. This can be done by hanging up signage QUARANTINE ZONE and hang up signage. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

    During this VIRUS a lot of this was done, by others quickly which slowed the spread. Even if you know your infected stay in the fight and never give up protecting others as long as you have the ability to do so. But don't make yourself a SPREADER. This is hard, in this VIRUS as you don't know if your infected or know SO you ISOLATE YOUR SELF FROM ALL OTHERS.

    THE ABOVE IS VERY BASIC and we should all know this without having to read this in a book. Stay informed and with this new VIRUS it's all about staying WELL informed. This VIRUS is slow at showing it face as long as 14-days.

    This link with let you see each STATE, you can in some States view by zip codes. This VIRUS is slow and deadly, everyone is at risk. Wearing face mask as we know the flu bug is 1.003 in size this virus is as small as .0004 so very small bug. outside in sunlight life is short 3-mins or less. A tabletop or surface maybe two hours. So stay safe, wear masks, as doing so may save you and others. Wear gloves when at GAS PUMPS, opening doors. I use my keys on a 6-inch paracord to loop around a door handle to open or rap over my hand to push open the door. I keep ALCOHOL hand sanitizers in my car to clean hands.

    STAY SAFE AND PROTECT YOURSELF, NOT doing so may infect someone who may infect someone you know and love. BE SMART and learn a new way to adapt yourself to this change. TEACH your children to wash there hands and how and why they should use MADE IN AMERICA safety EQUIPMENT, I say this because I know we here in the USA have high standards. Be safe and do the right thing. Here is a link to learn more.

    OPEN PAN DOWN PAGE TO USA MAP and CLICK on a STATE Note numbers CLICK on your state to learn more.

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