So, we had a big shocker coming home last February 2020. Mostly were big fans of old classic radio stories 148-Channel. Little to no contact with others before during and today, now back home. WOW, we had taken a nice road trip up into the hills of Virginia and parked the RV for a few weeks back into the woods. Each morning I would wake up with the joys of coffee and fishing in the cold mountain river. Wife and I get along great together. Not sure how many fish I caught and returned to the mountain river losing track after about 25-catch and release. I was a bit tired but enjoyed our time away and no phone calls, TV, and only music as I thought this would be good this to just escape it all for a while.

Halfway back we began to bring in the outside world into our lives again. VIRUS, MASK, GLOVES, PRESIDENT, NEWS BRIFFIING, CLOSURES, and I still don't get the rush on toilet paper. MORE NEWS reports and wondering is this a big JOKE or is this for real? I'm telling you we were a bit fearful coming back to this. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? my wife asked. I asked her what do you think about going back to our spot on the river? We opted to return HOME and re-supplied, do some homework, check on the kiddos, get the facts, I must say I for one was impressed by the US quick responses with the medical ships, closing countries entry to others. Took us about a good week to resupply and head back to where we felt safe in the hills. I truly felt safer with TRUMP in control as the governors seem to fall apart under pressure and total lack of knowing what to do correctly, not seen in places like New York, CA, Chicago, and others. My personnel opinion which I hope I can still have today?

Once back, we worked on our texas, I made some fishing flies, read books, PODCAST, and came more equipment than we needed. COMPUTERS, CELLULAR PHONES, and the outside world came into our private river space. NOT FUN, CLOSURES, Thank the good lord, for our lifestyle as we felt protected and safe. Weapons small to large and a little training for my wife. Three days ago we returned home and the grounds are still shaking, Doctor appointments done over our computers. That was a bit fun for me at 70-plus years old.

I would like to know your point when you first came to know what was going on? and what you and your family did to protect yourselves and your families. There was some fun reading

What did your lean and what would you do differently? knowing what you know now? Thanks as I will enjoy reading all responses.

Thanks in advance and I pray you are all doing well still and safe? in place?