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    Picked up a pair of cheap aqua socks/shoes. I gotta say these things may be the ticket for coastal living. The best description would be an aqua moccasin. You wont burn your feet on the sand but, if you step on a dime youd know if its head or tails.

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    Pretty much all I wore during my windsurfing days.
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    Oh, I was also recently on vacation and bought myself an ANTI SPAM FILTER. The vacation was wonderful and the children were busy. I love diving, but this time I didn't get much time to be in the okena. I spent more time on the beach.

    (For those of you that don't know. The okena is where spammers come from. It's like the fog at the edge of the earth. Bad things live there. So I've been told)
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    I just gave two pair to my son. A large pair and a medium pair. I no longer use them after my wife died. They are the bees knees.


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