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Thread: A refreshing smoothie?

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    Default A refreshing smoothie?

    A refreshing smoothie on hot summer days is not only incredibly delicious but also hearty and healthy. Itís not difficult to cook.
    To do this, you will need a blender for example, several ingredients, and only 5 minutes of free time.
    - Strawberry (about 10 berries)
    - Milk (100 - 125 ml). You can also use yogurt or ice cream.
    - Sugar/honey as desired (1 spoon)
    - Ice (several cubes)

    Cut the strawberries, place it in a blender, pour in milk (almond and soybean also work), add ice, grind all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, add sugar or honey, turn on the blender for a few more seconds. To make sure that you will like the drink, try a little right away. If it turned out to be too sweet or liquid, add a few berries, again chopping all the ingredients.
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