I went through my GHB/BOB today and repacked it in the truck. I consider my SHTF bag more for getting me home than for Bugging Out. Hence, it resides in my truck. If I do have to get away from home, chances are it'll be IN the truck anyhow.

My main priorities at this time of year are water purification and protection from rain/hypothermia. We have pretty bad surface water here due to the farm chemicals and runoff. Hence, I have multiple methods of cleaning water and containers for storage. I don't keep a lot of water in the truck because I find it goes "off" due to the heat (probably grows bacteria in the bottles or something.)

If we do get rain, the temps tend to swing drastically and it can get downright cold. Hence, if one is wet then cold, hypothermia is a real possibility at this time of year. So I keep an extra change of clothes at a minimum, plus wool blankets to wrap up in if necessary.

Food is basic, temp stable products, again because of sitting in a hot vehicle all summer.

The tools tend to stay the same all year. Clothing gets reduced, I removed all the wool layers and extra mittens, etc.

Have you checked your GHB/BOB with the change of the season?