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Thread: Hello From the Wasatch Mountains

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    Default Hello From the Wasatch Mountains

    Hi folks, bored in quarantine so I figured I'd say hi. Lurked on here before looking up some bushcraft info. I'm out of SLC, often hike in the Wasatch ranges.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome home.

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    Funny, welcome back in the door. I had this old man who was my supervisor and a sign on his desk, that read. I'm here to help you out. Which way did you come in? Reading that took me back so much I could not stop laughing. He informed me I was the first in years that took his sign in that way. I told him I really was not interested in working out of his office but would try my best. I soon became his go-to guy and we did lunch a few times together. After a year left his office and us still once in a while would get together for lunch and when the *** past away and I learned about it. I walked outside and cried, he was a fair, good person who took the time to know his people and got more from the less performers then the best got from there best workers. A good man, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone.
    The Wilderness for myself has always been a place, I can escape to and discover my stronger self. A true builder of self-confidence and skills, I never knew we're possible within me to achieve. A tough taskmaster breakdown my self-limits and barriers. I have overcome and found my inner self, leaving behind only the old skin, blood, and sweat, having won a newer stronger self. The Wilderness shows me a better reflection of myself.
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