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Thread: Hello from the Adirondacks(New York)

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    Default Hello from the Adirondacks(New York)

    Hello everyone, I just joined this from to get a bit more into the wilderness/bushcraft community. I've been wondering around my local property in the Adirondacks for the past few years and have significantly improved my outdoors skills while doing so, but I am here because I know there are a whole lot more people that have a better idea of that they're doing that I do. Im also very new the to equipment production field and am always looking for feedback(not advertising) for my products or ideas I come up with

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    Welcome home.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Hey, welcome and enjoy here.

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    Welcome to this Wilderness Survival Forum, lots to learn and enjoy learning as you go this group is much larger than you can see. Have you taken the Q&A at the link and then you can learn about areas you may be weak and this forum can help to improve. You may or may not be a reader and that's okay, there is never a rush to learn everything in one day. Then return to see how much you have improved in your skills. You will find links to Military wilderness survival links, post photos create your own avatar, and signature to post with every post. So much to enjoy in this forum and I'm wondering if you are planning a hike or trip into the wilderness? Welcome to the forum.
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