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Thread: Hello from TG!

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    Cool Hello from TG!

    We are an e-commerce retailer based out of St. Louis, MO. We mainly serve law enforcement, military and public safety professionals, but carry quite a bit of outdoor and survival gear. We are looking for experts in bushcraft and survival skills to write some articles & customer resources for us on a remote, freelance basis. We know many could use the extra income in these trying times and we could use some expertise. Feel free to message us or apply if interested!
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    Sorry, but you cannot link to your site or any site you have an interest in within the body of your post. That violates our spam policy. You can place your information in the footer of your post. However, you are not allowed to reference it. Here is a link to the rules.

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    Has any of y'all taken these folks up on their offer? Just curious.

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    Welcome to this Wilderness Survival Forum, lots to learn and enjoy learning as you go this group is much larger than you can see. Have you taken the Q&A at the link and then you can learn about areas you may be weak and this forum can help to improve. You may or may not be a reader and that's okay, there is never a rush to learn everything in one day. Then return to see how much you have improved in your skills. You will find links to Military wilderness survival links, post photos create your own avatar, and signature to post with every post. So much to enjoy in this forum and I'm wondering if you are planning a hike or trip into the wilderness? Welcome to the forum.
    The Wilderness for myself has always been a place, I can escape to and discover my stronger self. A true builder of self-confidence and skills, I never knew we're possible within me to achieve. A tough taskmaster breakdown my self-limits and barriers. I have overcome and found my inner self, leaving behind only the old skin, blood, and sweat, having won a newer stronger self. The Wilderness shows me a better reflection of myself.
    by Dogman.


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