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    Hey All,

    Came across this forum just checking out a few new ideas..
    Read quite a bit as a guest, saw that everyone here seems pretty nice and helpful.
    so here we are as members..

    We being my wife and myself.. She's a native Ohioan, I'm a native (ugh) Californian..
    bought 10 acres in northern Washoe county Nevada.
    She's a good ol country girl, great cook... can make a meal out of anything, anywhere..
    she does the research on what alternative medicines and diy things we use..
    I do the mechanical aspect of life..

    I moved to Ohio for 5 years, then we moved to CA to spend time with my parents.. after a year and a half back, I'm still in a culture shock.. it's changed a LOT..
    and not for the good... Anyhow.. I don't feel California is a good place for us anymore.. the laws don't agree with my desire to exercise my constitutional rights..
    The people are offended by EVERYTHING... (maybe I'm just offensive)

    Anyhow, We got the plot of land in nevada, I've been to the area a LOT.. Lived over there a while when I was younger.
    We managed to get a 5th wheel trailer, going to punch a well in soon. We have the battery banks pretty well covered..
    we have 900 amps of 12 volt power.. we will be setting up a solar field as well as wind generators (traditional and vertical type)

    I do come to this with a bit of an advantage, I can live with one light on, I hate cell phones, I can do everything I need to do computer wise on a laptop
    I lived 5 years on a sailboat.. My wife spent her childhood travelling with her family in a pickup camper...
    We already live minimal so I really think we'll do fine.

    I joined with the hope that I can help someone out, maybe connect with people in the area around us (Flanigan)
    A friend and I will be purchasing a well drilling system, and would be interested in drilling wells in the area at a seriously cheaper rate than the big drillers are charging... they want 50k to put a well on his land.. Plus the pump, and the casing and pipes... (NOT RIGHT TO DO THAT TO PEOPLE)
    so we're thinking 5k or so, to come drill the hole.. then people provide the casing, pump, pipe, wire, tank... etc..
    Our Goal... Stop people from getting screwed by people who already have a huge bankroll.

    I (john) have always thought we should just go back in time.. I think barter system is a great system and it keeps people honest.
    I also think that many of the ways of the "old days" (1800's) should be brought back...
    maybe I was just born 100+ years too late...

    well, Here we are... so we'll be sharing our story as we go. Right now we're in californiastan, working the work week, going to "our dirt" every weekend.
    building what I can afford to build, finding out what I need to build.

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    I hope you guys do great. Sounds like you have a great start. What kind of permitting is required for drilling a well in that area? How deep is the water there? Pretty county, but I am so NOT a desert guy. Of course not having neighbors is a big plus.

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    Welcome to this Wilderness Forum and its always good to want to help others save, well anything. I'm no well expert and having had a few done, there may be a lot more to what you are seeing on the surface. First, let me welcome you into our forum and let you know a few things if I may about the forum. You can learn a lot here in this forum about survival in the wilderness. You may want to start with the 21-questions quiz on the bottom of the main forum page. You can study and work in the area you may need more attention with. As for vessels, I was a vessel commander for a few years and very much understand solitude and idealness for long periods of time.

    About drilling a well and as I stated I know very little. The underground water table is a major factor, Farmers may need 4" or 8" inch or larger wells. Here in Florida 180-foot is about the average depth. Then there in putting in a submersible pump and this alone is costly. Now any business is going to need insurance for both your employees, equipment, and the land you do work on and most folks want a minimum of million protection coverage. Vehicle cost and paying employees. Now your not going to have work falling into your laps job after job as there will be days and maybe months no one is calling you for service. But all the bills and employee salaries have to be paid. No one can run a stop and go business as that was learned with the first true stop and go's. Look at say three months with no work happening. Factor in all the costs to keep your operation afloat. That no activity is going to cost you. so you have to average in that loss to each job. As if you only had two jobs in three months. Also, you have to take into account other well drilling companies. (YOUR COMPUTATIONS). Trust me I'm still on the surface with what it may take to open your doors.

    Once you have taken the 21-question test feel free to ask questions and we will try and be helpful in getting you the best answers. Where you will be living in Nevada is a lot of SUN, heat, and desert and that wilderness has factors like the many others that will be addressed through Q&As and study notes on the information freely provided to a degree in this forum. But it all starts with you and how badly you want to know what to do in a what-if survival situation. So Welcome to you both, are you ready?
    The Wilderness for myself has always been a place, I can escape to and discover my stronger self. A true builder of self-confidence and skills, I never knew we're possible within me to achieve. A tough taskmaster breakdown my self-limits and barriers. I have overcome and found my inner self, leaving behind only the old skin, blood, and sweat, having won a newer stronger self. The Wilderness shows me a better reflection of myself.
    by Dogman.


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