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Thread: Looking for a spanish residence

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a couple of options to SPAM YOUR SITE. I have just been admitted to a university in Madrid and I would like to choose a residence with all the benefits. I am very excited about everything that is coming up, I am the only one left to graduate in my family and I want to make them as proud of me as I can. I hope you can help me, I thank you in advance for your contributions.

    Living in mom's basement here in Caracas, Venezuela is starting to be a bit of a bother so I'm looking for some place cheap within walking distance of a doughnut shop and McDonalds so I can work.
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    Wow! Your mom has a basement and you live there by yourself?! You lucky hombre!


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    Hey at least he's an HONEST spammer!
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    Well..............he is after Rick's edit.
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