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Thread: Maters and taters

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    I'll bet Crash and I can supply the water if you can supply the beer.

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    Works for me. Since it isn’t done, what size yoke do y’all need?
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    The misses said I looked sexy running the vacuum. I said, hold on, let me get my high heels on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyratshooter View Post
    1,000 potatoes is not really that much, perhaps 100 lbs or so. If you lay them in the sun to dry, inspect them and eat the damaged ones quickly, and keep them cool and dry 100 pounds should be eaten up pretty quickly.

    Probably freezing what you can not eat within a couple of months is the best choice of all the storage methods.

    I have been on a carb free diet for years but I understand that other folks eat a lot of carbs when they are available. Two people eating two pounds of spuds, baked, boiled, smashed or fried each day will go through 100 pounds of potatoes before they can rot anyway.

    If you eat just one pound the supply will probably be gone within 2-3 months so you could keep them in any dry place out of the sunlight. Potatoes last a long time if you don't get them wet and sprout them, even then you can remove the sprouts and eat them anyway.
    the misses and I eat one tatter between us a day. 👍 got it going on!


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