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Thread: Doomsday Preppers Now showing

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    Default Doomsday Preppers Now showing

    Doomsday Preppers, by National Geographic Now showing on Netflix. Shown as Season with about 8 or 12 shows. Each starts with what MAY HAPPEN in the USA. Nuclear, Floodings, Storms, Hurricanes, Earth Quake and many more types. Once shown, then focuses on what the person believes may happen in the world. Then what they are doing to Prepper themselves, family and neighbors. Then National Geographic steps in to show a score for each by experts. Then a re-look at some of the changes to better equip themselves with the updated information and suggestions.

    We all here know that things, do not stay on Netflix forever, this was posted on January 4, 2020.

    Some good ideas, Bug out locations, how they train to better protect themselves. The downside is they do not show or talk much about the experts making the suggestions as I'm in show 4-now with more to follow.

    THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY, MOVIE. More of just a report on and a show of better changes that would help someone caught in a calamity. Let me know if you have seen and your thoughts and what if anything your doing for a possible BUG OUT Situation
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    I've tried to watch it a couple of times. Didn't work for me.
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    I haven't watched it, either. My uninformed opinion was that it was done to make fun of "preppers" under the guise of a a psuedo-documentary show. Sort of like what Duck Dynasty was (although that was scripted, the intent was to make fun of them-ain't back-firing great!).
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