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Thread: Another vintage book...

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    Default Another vintage book...

    "Alone in the Wilderness" - Joseph Knowles

    Turned out to be the original "Naked and Afraid" except he didn't have a chick along...

    Written in 1913. I enjoyed reading it although I had some reservations about him killing the deer with his bare hands. Not doubting the authenticity, but I put my hands on a live deer in my strapping youth and learned that they are much stronger than I was and snapping its neck wold be quite a feat.

    Also, September and October in Maine would be a tad chilly for me to be running around in the rain necked.

    I did enjoy reading it though.


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    Some of those old timers could tell some tall tales.

    I never believed the Robin Hood story of him splitting an arrow with another arrow. I think that was Robin Hood. Then I saw pictures of my nephew doing it from 25 yds. He's a vegan. Terrible waste of marksmanship. lol.

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    When I saw the title of this thread I thought of the Sam Keith book based on the Richard Proenneke journals. But that was called " One Man's Wilderness". The John Branson-edited journals are more interesting.The documentary that they used to show on PBS was called" Alone in the Wilderness". Maybe that's what I was thinking of.
    Other than a few close encounters with a grizzly bear the tales are not tall. lol
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    Say what you want but some folks can do it. Some say Crash might be able to do it. I say Mrs. Crash but a lot depends on who's holding the tomahawk as to who I think did it...if you know what I mean.

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    I wouldn't cross her...

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    I remember that from our first jamboree. Fun times.
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    That was back when Rick was selling those tomahawks, wasn't it?
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