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    We don't have any kids. Pretty sure that was a good decision for a lot of reasons. Both of us taught elementary school. Both have nieces and nephews. And they were interested in my woods time. But not enough to want to go with. And that was fine too. But now I have a lifetime of gear that I don't want and there's nobody interested.

    Crash, I did gift that sleeping bag to a friend's grandson. He was tickled pink. So was Gramma. He's... um... difficult. Anything that puts him in a good mood is good for Gramma, He had a sleep over with his friends the next weekend. I also cleaned out some sheet music for him (He's learning the guitar. Gramma wants me to give him lessons. No. I put my time in with kids like him already). But it kinda made me warm and fuzzy that he liked that bag so much.

    Anyway, about my gear, I was getting ready to pack it up and head to the Salvation Army (NOT Goodwill) when Kelly's nephew texted me. His wife of 14 years left him. She said he was too nice. I knew she was a flake the first time I met her. He was broken. Never saw it coming. I told him he need to do something and not sit around. I told him to come to FL and camp with us. I told him about Rendezvous. Frankly I was hoping to unload some camping gear on him. He went primitive. Archery and leather work. His first projects are impressive. Moccasins are next.

    I can't get rid of any gear on him (yet), but I enjoy him asking me questions about archery, leather work, and knives.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions that I can pass on to keep him busy, engaged, and out of the abyss.

    Sorry I got long winded.

    One more thing. He's an anthropologist. That has to be a great segue into woods life and history. Right?
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    Florida is home to the earliest humans in the southeast U.S. As an anthropologist, he has to be interested in the early culture and how they lived. Being able to replicate some of their work should also be interesting to him. Here's an online book on stone tools in Florida.

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    Oh Yeah. I appreciate it. That's a great pitch to get him down here (He was born in the south so dinosaurs don't faze him. lol). So many sites to visit. I will use that.

    I think he needs some time. Meantime, I'll put the bug in his ear.

    I'm only a few miles away from some of the most renowned flint knapers in FL.

    Great idea.
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