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Thread: Does this whitetail liver look good to you?

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    Default Does this whitetail liver look good to you?

    So my friend let me keep the liver from his whitetail buck. I have cooked liver several times and really like it. However, I just recently found out about liver flukes so now I am a little more cautious. Does this liver look healthy to you? Are those holes normal or might they be from liver flukes? I also feel like that "peppered" look that can be seen really well on the first picture looks different from other livers I have prepared. The deer was a healthy looking buck by the way. Thanks for the help!




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    If you have doubts or concerns about the liver, don't eat it as liver. Go turn it into catfish and eat that.

    That's what I do with hog liver and any deer liver that is not dark red through and through.


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