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Thread: Cheap alternative to typical Zippo lighter fluid

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    Default Cheap alternative to typical Zippo lighter fluid

    I know itís been a lifetime. I hope everyone is well.

    Cheap alternative to typical Zippo lighter fluid!

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    That Naptha works very well.

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    Here's what I think is the original recipe for the Zippo fluid:

    70% Light Hydrotreated Distillate (naptha) CAS# 68410-97-9 (camp fuel) and
    30% Hydrotreated Light Naptha CAS#64742-49-0 (VM&P naphtha)

    It may have changed in recent years. Both are different types of naphtha. The first one is apparently more volatile than the second. Based on what I've read, they add the heavier, and less volatile fluid (VM&P naphtha) as a balance to the lighter, more volatile fluid (camp fuel) for the "proper" flame.

    I read it in a forum on the Internet, so it must be true.
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