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    Hello Everyone

    I am from Northern California. We are building an off-grid home in an off grid town which is almost complete. I cannot wait to start a homestead in the forest. The area is technically a State Recreation area. We've had chickens before but are considering meat chickens plus having them as pets. We have an endless supply of water so want a trout & gold fish pond. We'd also swim in the trout pond while raising them for our and our dogs, consumption.

    We have an unlimited supply of water via 3 different places. These sources may originate from mines in the area which we have two on the 23 acre property. We will not be mining. Some level of integrative farming and a leaning greenhouse against the house is our plan. It's a forest type setting.

    Anyhow I look forward to interacting here. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community.

    Oh I am female, 50 years old, married for almost 30 yrs.
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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome home. Have you had that water tested? If it originates from a mine it may be high in metals or just minerals.

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    Welcome to WSF!

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    Greetings from Hungary, and welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the Wilderness Forum and can I ask what have you learned about Survival today? Have you taken Sergeant Safari, Survival Wilderness Survival Quiz as yet? a good idea to take it as a new member and then say six months to a year test your skill levels. You can find a link on the bottom of the main forum page. Good Luck.

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