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    I picked up a pair of the 5.11 flyweight boots. They were on sale. I think I got them for $48. My first impression was that they were nothing but glorified tennis shoes. It took about a week to break them in. They were rubbing my heal and very uncomfortable. After wearing them for the past month, I’m liking them. They’re my go-to boot for the warm weather. It’s the only boots or shoes I wear. They dry quickly. No sign of wear (I’ve been stomping around in briars and kicking the dogs ball). The lug sole cleans easy (something I’m sure the wife appreciates). Lacing is quick. Here’s a link of what they look like:
    Oh yea, they’re light weight!
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    I'll bet the dog hates to see you ... oh wait, never mind.

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    LOL. My dog lost his years ago.

    Those look like some nice boots. I, too. am skeptical of the "tennis shoe boot". But the light weight is enticing. I have some very used Corcoran paratroop boots for the same app as yours. They are bomber and much heavier than the new gen.

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    Update... the boots are holding up great. However, digging and ladder climbing can stress your foot.

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    I've got a similar pair (not the same brand) that I find very cofortable.
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    Update, the boots are holding up well. The only con would be the arch area. You can feel the ladder rungs and not comfortable when using a shovel. If you’ve shoveled in tennis shoes, you know what I mean.

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    Thank you so much for the review and the updates. Do they have a zipper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSJohnson View Post
    Thank you so much for the review and the updates. Do they have a zipper?
    No zipper. The grommets allow for a pull and tie. They’re quick to put on.


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