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    So I've been himin' and hawin' about a dedicated self defense 12g. I was looking for a used one but I saw this one and it fit the bill brand new.

    Mossberg Maverick 12g

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    Nice. Plain and simple.
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    Looks good and it has good reviews

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    I've got one of those. They are the berries. Darn good little gun. The up side is everything Mossberg interchanges with them. I've got the security 7+1.

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    Another +1 on that. I have the Field + Security combo. Came with 2 barrels and a pistol grip.
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    I bought one of those some time back, long enough to shoot the crap out of it so I can attest that they carry the same quality as the parent brand.

    The only thing that comes close to them in the use/cost/convenience factor is the Pardner Pump, and the Pardner is all steel so it is stronger but also feels half a ton heavier!

    The problem I found with the interchangeability of parts is that you wind up with three stocks and a half dozen barrels and fifty choke tubes and they all start cloning themselves. Before you know it you have $1000 in accessories for a $200 shotgun!

    Anyhow, while my Pardner Pump became a dedicated dinosaur rifle, (fully rifled barrel, cantilevered scope, short barrel, extended mag tube, and folding stock,,think Jurassic Park here.) the Maverick became an all around field gun due to its light weight. I do actually have four, maybe five barrels for it, I can't remember. Some are scoped, some have iron sights and some just the bead. I use it for everything from birds to deer and I have one barrel set up just for turkey hunting. I bought a slug barrel, smooth bore with iron sights, and it shoots slugs worst than any of the other barrels so don't get excited and do that.

    I also took the standard open choke riot barrel, like you have, and ran an adjustable reamer around the inside for a whole weekend once. I took about .0015" off a three inch section about two inches from the muzzle and wound up with a jug choke throwing consistent patterns between IC and Modified.

    By the way, if you buy a standard field barrel for it get the modified choke and don't bother with the full choke tube unless you just want one. I have found that all the Mavericks I have shot, and I have several friends with them, pattern closer with the modified choke than the full choke. The barrels usually come with a modified choke so all one really needs is an IC tube for all around use. The barrels are available at all sorts of prices on E-bay. Like everything else on E-bay just make sure you are bidding on what you actually want.
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    After this hurricane passes I'll go out and get some patterns. Probably unnecessary due to the small rooms in our house.

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    I might have some spare shells

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    Somebody got shot yesterday at the rifle range. Some guy was illegally shooting iron targets and he caught a richochet. I went by today and they opened back up so maybe tomorrow.

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    I see that academy sports around here has them on sale for $159.99

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    Good price for a hall sweeper or truck gun.
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    Nice lookin' shotgun! I have it's cousin, the Mossberg 500, in nickle/marine coat. I just got the Magpul stock for it a couple weeks ago.

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    Simple and effective. And it comes with a very good price.

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    I'm happy with it. I put a light on it but nothing else. I blew up some 2L water bottles. That was fun. Blew some paper zombie heads off. I wouldn't hesitate recommending one.


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