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Thread: Look For Potential Hazards On Your Property.

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    We spent a good part of the day with no power. Clear, calm skies – and then without warning….

    Thankfully nobody was hurt. This tree was very large, and limbs coming off of it have caused downed power lines at least twice in recent years. I know that my wife and I, along with others have commented over the years that they really need to take the tree down. Today the owner said – I knew this was coming down sooner or later. I guess I just gave him a blank stare.

    It should serve as a reminder to us all to take a look at potential hazards around our property and take care of them. This could have been much worse. One of the residents said they were about five minutes away from going for a drive.


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    Since I am not familiar with the types of trees that are prevelant in India, what type was it --- just curious.
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    Trees can be very dangerous. A good wind can cause damage even if the tree looks healthy.

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    we had same thing happen last year.and in same way.clear skies n all.dead tree took out a section of power line when it came down. it took oncor almost 9 hrs to get the power back on.good thing it happened in a area where no one goes n all.
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    Hopefully, it was a rubber fig that our friend from India experienced. Then it would have just bounced and been no problem.

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    To comply with Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations, Education and Care Services must obtain and make available, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any hazardous chemicals that are used on the premises. These are available on most suppliers’ website or can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly. Directors/Supervisors/Service Provides must ensure that the SDS sheets are current and must be available to staff.

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