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Thread: Recommendations for Compound Bow/Cross

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    Default Recommendations for Compound Bow/Cross

    These last few years I have lost a lot of strength and stamina. I can't pull my #65 or #55 recurves. So I need the let off to get a clean shot off on our smallish deer here in FL.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Price is an issue.


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    No more than a guy like you or me is going to be able to get out expense is a factor. However, taking a couple of deer will offset the cost of a cheap compound.

    A couple of years ago I got into the same situation due to my back problems and hit the Walmart computer store. I got a nice compound kit with sight and adjustable limbs at a reasonable price. I made sure it had the adjustablity down to 40# so I can pull it.

    I also got a crossbow. Not an expensive one, one of the $100 cheapo models that proved to be well worth the money. 150# limbs that require a belt mounted claw setup for cocking. I can't pull that sucker to the cocking notch with just muscle power.

    I had never owned a factory made crossbow before. This one has provisions for a red dot or scope.
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    Thanks. I haven't made up my mind yet about which one I want. The fact that it'll come out of the gun budget doesn't help. lol. Maybe I will get a low budget one and see if the platform is for me.

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    One of my customers is a big time hunter. I was at his house one day and he had an archery target set up about 40 yards from his back porch. I had never shot a cross bow before ( I have no idea what make or model this one was) but I put 8 bolts in the bullseye. It was really sweet to shoot. He had a red dot sight on it.
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