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    Bought a 9mm Taurus pistol for a gun class I plan to take later this month. It is a 2 day class and we will shoot 750 rounds of ammo in the class. I'm taking the new pistol to the target range for a test firing and target practice, shooting my powder coated cast bullets I have been purchasing. This pistol shot great at first then began shooting all over the place. No accuracy at all. Cleaning the pistol I discovered serious barrel leading, it was bad. Purchased a Lewis Lead removing kit. The Lewis lead remover uses a fine mesh brass screen on an expanding arbor pulled through the barrel. Unbelievable the lead that was on the screen. I spoke to the guy that makes these cast bullets about the leading and he said the reloading powder was to hot. I was using "Tight Group". On a scale of 1 - 200 Tight Group is #15. I loaded up a batch of CFE Pistol that has a heat range of around 40. Test fired 30 rounds of the CFE and still had serious leading in the barrel but the leading was mostly at the front of the barrel not at the breach. I cleaned the pistol and cleaned the lead from the barrel and test fired store bought ammo with a full metal jacket,,,,,no leading at all.
    So I have 1000 rounds loaded up that I can't use in the Taurus pistol.

    I also have a "Just Right Carbine" in 45 ACP for about a year. I have not always been happy with how it shot. Shooting the same powder coat cast bullets as the 9mm I purchased a Lewis lead remover in the 45 ACP. While I couldn't see the lead in the barrel there was lead on the Lewis lead remover screen, lots of lead. Took extra effort to clean and remove any lead from the barrel. Took it to the range for a test firing with Remington ammo full metal jacket. The Just Right Carbine never shot so well before with the reloads. It had a nice tight group, best ever. Fortunately I only have a few 45 ACP reloads on hand with powder coated bullets.

    Seems like I learn something every time I go to the gun range.
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