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Thread: Solo kayaking without pro kayak licenses (europe)

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    Default Solo kayaking without pro kayak licenses (europe)

    Hi everyone!

    One of my bucketlist items include kayaking solo in Europe for 3 days and wildcamping in the nights.
    I did my research and the most obvious place to go is Norway but their safety regulations only allow a minimum of 2 persons per rental unless you have pro kayak qualifications.
    And since i want a bushcraft lone survivor experience, a companion is just not what i want on this kinda trip. I don't have pro kayak qualifications but i've kayak & bushcraft experience.
    I choose europe because of the landscape and the wilderness is quite safe there.

    Here's a sum up of my requirements for THE perfect trip

    - Being able to camp in the wild
    - Kayak or some sort of primitive travel thing.
    - Europe
    - Solo

    Anyone got ideas?

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    Not familiar with the area you want to go or any laws that may pertain. Maybe check with local outfitters or paddle clubs that may be familiar with what you want to do.
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    Kayaking the length of the Ijessel should be challenge.

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    You might want to check into what they allow for "wild camping" too. Europe is pretty strict about a lot of things like that.
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