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Thread: Hello from the Sunshine State

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    Default Hello from the Sunshine State

    Your Approximate Age: 70

    Your Gender: Male

    Your Geographic Location (a small town in West Virginia, the family ranch in Texas, or the “the Lower East Side”):Florida

    Your Occupation (present and relevant past, such as military, technical, etc.); RETIRED

    Your Prior Relevant Training (all types, such as first aid, military, firearms, survival, etc.)Red Cross Advanced First Aid, AED, CPR. Life-Saving, 30-Plus years Combat Firearms Instructor,HAZ-MAT Coordenator.

    The Nature of Your Prior Experience (Terrain, Season, Number of times/years, and longest duration in Wilderness)Okay, Longest time spent outdoors at anyone or more times would be in durations of about 2-weeks stents as my life as a Boy Scout, Young Marine, Air Force AZR Training in Country. Army National Guard, during a Hunting trip.

    Your Level of Experience (novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, instructor, etc.) I would say very much a Novice as I have no outdoor Survival skill training other than Military. Where it was focused on escape and short term survival.

    Your Preparedness Planning (type and level) Novice and as during my career we were required to run a Mile and half in 8-mins. Today I can move that distance in 20-Mins. Most of my life has been on my mind as I aged. How far I can go if I had to move without any other form of transportation than my self. Try to keep a few things in my Bug-out bag for me and my wife, should the need arrive.

    Your Interests and Hobbies (gardening, wilderness skills, urban survival preparation, knife-making, firearms, food storage, backpacking, etc. ) Garding YES, Earthboxes, Woodworking, I am a Combat Firearms Instructor (Small arms). I'm always learning and exploring. I have a Butterfly Garden and certified, Rope skills, knots, Water Survival Trained, SCUBA Advanced PADI, Was a Scout Leader for years. But I consider myself just a Novice.

    Your Membership and Learning Objectives: VFW, VDHA, VSPA, NRA, Life-Member. To know and learn what to do in the event of "WHAT IF" Having served and performed needed recover skills during national Disaster.
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    Welcome home. Thank you for your service.

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    Hello and welcome. Thank you for your service.
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    Thanks to both Rick and Crasdive123, for the warm welcome. for all the outdoor adventures I have been on. I am truly blown away by so much good informative information posted throughout this Forum. I wanted to wait for 24-hours before my thanking you for the warm welcome. Truly I'm a novice having been a Boy Scout, Young Marine, Military Service, and Boy Scout advisor. I had also had some formal training in Tracking Humans into the woods with a protection team providing cover. But in my one day of looking over and taking the Survival Quiz walking away with a score of 65%, I have a lot to learn and learn for all of you. I am truly happy to have found your forum and be in the group as it is so rich in information. I'm not blowing smoke here I truly enjoy this stuff and the way it is laid out for the reader. Lot's of good helpful tip not only getting by in the outdoors but using this wonderful forum. I'll stop here and just read more before making more comments as I can see I'm truly impressed with all the insight and tips. Thank You and please if you see me in a danger area, please advice as I welcome it.

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    Welcome home
    Soular powered by the son.

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    Welcome. Sounds like you have a lot to offer us too. A man of service and duty. Thank you for your service.

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    I'm just honored to have served and thankful for being back home. I was very lucky as I was in U-Tapao, Thailand 72-73 and saw no action. We did have a crash of a B-52 at the North end of the airfield. I attached a link for any of you who would like to read some of the war-stories http://www/ My AFC 81150A, the A- means I was a Dog Handler and also joined the Army National Guard for a while working with 149th MP Company. Once I started making more money I drop my time in the Guard. Not sure it's been so long ago I think we were also referred at times as A31B as a MOS I have to review my DD-214 for that one. As for the Marines, I was only a YOUNG Marine which was ages 14 to 19 and NOT the US Marines. Did have some good training. Thanks for the welcome Madmax and Nell67. I'm not a TROLL and have nothing to sell so do not worry. I was in the regular US Air Force 71 to 74. During my short serive, they moved me around a lot. Lakland AFB, then Korea, Kunsan AFB, then U-Tapao, Guam which was a TDY and back to Austin Texas Bergstrom AFB TAC BASE, with the Detachment 1, 96th Boomer Wing SAC.

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    Welcome from FLA

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