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Thread: Fish sedative

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    ....Perhaps he should just calm down and put on the kettle.
    I think that's what he was trying to do with the fish sedative, I think.


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    This kind of information is the basis of most of the British forums and I have been forced to abandon several British outdoor forums when it became evident that they were simply clearing houses for drug deals.

    One tip off is when you see two or three posts, all hinting at being drug oriented, and 4,000 PM messages per day!

    And the British do love to bait us "Yanks". They cozy up all nice and pleasant and the first time you resist their advances their true nature comes out.

    We tend to be deceived easily by the illusion of friendship but in general the Brits hate us with an unparalleled passion. There are rare exceptions, but they are truly rare.

    I have been denied entry into several forums simply because I am an American, and they claim to have had "bad experiences in the past", meaning they were told their gear was outdated or that pitching a rooftop car tent in the parking lot of a historic site was not "stealth camping".

    They then go into a tirade about population density, lack of access to wilderness areas, all the land being owned by rich capitalists or entitled aristocrats, and pointing out the obvious being "bad manners".

    But that is not really odd because generally they hate everyone, even most of the other British.
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    Wow. Sad lives.

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    Winnie was nice. KYRat, have you heard from her at all?
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