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    as of late i've been spending more time in my camp even spending the night.
    anyhow my new hobby is drum roll please just kidding. bird watching
    untill I put out some feeders and such. I never realized how many spieces
    there were, wow. hears a few oreils wrens humming birds 2 kind
    a mocking bird i believe a red breasted need help on the rest of the name
    chicadees wood thrushes, a grosbreck and these little yellow ones with a black cap and a
    black stripe on the wings
    and some others as well. sweet.
    coyotes listen to them, like children of the night what music they make.

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    Lol. It starts with the birds. Then squirrels come for the feast. Then raccoons. Then bears. Enjoy while you can.

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    Bird watching is great. Google is your friend on identifying them. I have a yellow finch that is fearless. She will stand toe to toe with me on the other side of the window and never move. I can even tap on the window and she will continue to pull flower petals to line her nest. I have awarded her the Thug Life award. She's tough.

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    I'm not a bird watcher, but I play one on TV.


    I'm a general lifelong learner who hikes and I meet a lot of people on the trail. By far, the most interesting are the bird watchers. I've never met one that wasn't friendly and you don't engage them in conversation....they're already telling you about the birds they're watching.
    True enough, my final home is still out there, but this is most certainly my home range and I love it. I love every rock I fall off and tree I trip over. Even when I am close to dying from exhaustion, a beautiful sunset doesn't lose it's power to refresh and inspire me and that, in itself, is enough to save me sometimes.


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