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Thread: Weapon Flashlight Recomendatiions?

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    Yeah, I know..... I went with him a couple of times... The whole thing involves near continuous running except when you stop to kill the hog. Then you run some more. Most of the time I was able to keep the bouncing flashlights in sight. The only time I could keep up was in the Atascosa River Bottom. There's a lot of water there and I can run in the water as fast as anybody. The sound of dogs barking, hogs squealing and lots of water splashing attracts the attention of the numerous giant reptiles that live there. They evidently make a pretty good living too. Many are in excess of 10 ft. I think that was my last nighttime hog hunt. He's outgrown most of that....


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    I've talked it over with the monkey. He has ruled that because dinosaurs are on the list I do not have to participate in any sport in which there is even a remote possibility they might be involved. Monkey law rules. Sorry.

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    In my police and military background, it is beneficial to not use a flashlight on the firearm itself. Those wishing to shoot you only need to point at the light. Its a bright target to aim for. Just my view.
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