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Thread: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in The Wild

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    Lightbulb Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in The Wild

    We made a very general video on the Top 5 Backpacker Mistakes to help people stay safer in the wild. This assumes a basic understanding of survival techniques.

    I'd be honored to hear your feedback to improve our content so everyone may benefit.

    What do you guys think? Anything we missed or things you might find valuable for future videos?

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    Well done vid with good advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crashdive123 View Post
    Well done vid with good advice.
    Terrific video with the most useful points covered. Basic and important.
    The only additional thing I would mention under Contingencies is to let someone know the specifics of your itinerary and to be aware of when you are supposed to come back. That you would call them when you get back and if you don't, they ought to call for help. Anything can happen even to the best prepared but if no one is expecting you back, no one will miss you if you don't show up.

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    Nice article, thanks for helping that really helps.

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    Trying to not panic is often mentioned but the best way to get through that is to get out there. And nature will happen you will make mistakes. Getting out and using your gear so you are familiar with it will help. Know how to use a compass and basic navigation. Know basic first aid.
    What do you consider a basic understanding of survival techniques?

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    Hints and tips are valuable, but nothing replaces experience. As Benesse mentioned, always let some one know your plans and timing before hitting the trail.

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