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    Is there anyone here that can snag a fish by the lip and pull it from the water? If there is would you share the technique?
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    This is a quick how to in handline fishing with the yoyito handline reel. I was using a double hook dropshot with two #6 hooks and 1/2 oz. bank sinker on a 20lbs clear mono line. This knot is of my own design and I've been using it with great success for about six years. I prefer it over the dropper loop rig, because it is easier to do and stronger. For bait I used dead frozen shrimp and I take you step by step on how to locate fish, set up the rig and catch a variaty of fish. This is something I typically do after work before I get home. This is just one of the ways you can use the pocket size yoyito handline reel when you just want to catch a few fish quickly and you are not targeting anything specific. It's also a great way to put some food on the table in a survival situation. Do check your local regulations before you decide to keep any fish and make sure you are allowed to fish any given location.

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    Is this something you do in the Mediterranean or in the Oued el Harrach?


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