People will clutch their pearls, but at the end of the day if you need a fire and the spine isn't working for you, don't be afraid to use the edge. No, it's not good practice to do routinely, but it works fine.

While they're not the "coolest" knife aesthetically, Mora knives punch well above their weight in general. I use a Mora Robust as my primary fixed blade, and it's the first knife I just don't worry about despite lack of a full tang. Usually combine it with a Laplander or Silkysaw 130.

There's just video after video out there of the Robust exceeding expectations

And for $13 on Amazon, it's just a no brainer. They're just consistently good. As I get older, I find myself appreciating stuff like that more than just cool factor and aesthetics.

The sheaths are simple and nothing to write home about. I use a loop of paracord on the sheath that stretches tightly over the end of the knife handle to serve as extra retention, and to this I also attach an Exotac Nanostriker XL with a small s-biner so it's always with the knife. The spines are unfinished so they're not great for striking ferro rods out of the box, but it's pretty quick and easy to square it up.