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Thread: Hi from SC.

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    Default Hi from SC.

    Hi. I知 a camping, fishing, hunting anything outside kida guy. I love being outdoors unfortunately my current career prevents me from doing all these things as much as I want to, however I知 trying to make time just to be outside. Anyway I know how to make a basic fire as well as basic shelter ect however I知 really wanting to learn more about brushcraft and survival in general. The chances of me being in a true survival situation are slim to nil. However I知 thinking more along the lines of a natural disaster occurs and I致e got to protect my family. My feeling is any survival skills learned from brushcraft can easily be applied to a disaster situation. More so because I am a Deputy Sheriff in South Carolina. When hurricanes hit the east coast I致e been deployed to the coast and surrounding states to assist. My former job I was Federal LE I was often deployed to disaster areas all across the country mostly because I volunteered to go. Yes we bring tons of supplies food water ect. A few tricks I致e learned have come in handy and the more I know the more prepared I will be to protect my self, my family and others. I知 hoping to find a good survival / brushcraft school in my area that I can start taking some classes from. Anyway thanks a head of time!

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome home and thanks for being a first responder.


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