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    Hello all. Came across this site a few weeks back and find it interesting. I got to Alaska 40 years ago as a young man searching for adventure. And I found it. My first job was as a forest fire fighter. I got paid for hanging out in the woods for 4 months . We got a 6x6 piece of plastic, military mummy sleeping bag, polaski ax , file, and a box of military c rats. I was hooked forever.
    Since then I have raised a family that homeschooled. We raised rabbits, chickens egg and meat, turkeys, goats, horses, dogs, cats, etc. We always had a large garden and greenhouse.
    And of course we hunt, fish, and I pretend like I know how to trap. We have salmon, halibut, moose and bear in the freezer. And a bear hide waiting for me to tan in the freezer. My beautiful wife and I always wanted a log cabin in the woods. Well by the grace of God and a lot of really cool hard work we did it.
    A 16 x 24 cabin on 20 acres that I staked myself. Frozen months access by snogo . Not frozen by bush plane on floats and then a 2 mile walk.
    My job takes me remote away from home but the time at home is spent doing what needs to be done ourselves. From rebuilding truck engines to houses . Kids know how to weld , drive truck . Now Iím bragging I know. But I guess that kinda tells it like it is . Or I am .
    I have been blessed with my best friend for almost 40 years. My life, well I often say I am the most blessed man in the world.
    Hope this works as an introduction. Have a great day all !

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    Welcome home.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    8BABB4B0-951F-4A14-9C0C-B37F0EF76DF0.jpgHello again. I donít see many pictures here . So I thought I would try it out. In the 40 years Iíve been blessed to live in Alaska I have always tried to get out as much as I could. Hung with the croud that always had to get the furthest away. many here probably know that feeling. But then as I realized that sleeping on the ground was getting tougher and I liked comfort more. My beautiful wife let me loose on a journey that has been incredible. We staked 20 acres in nowhere Alaska and built a log cabin so we , me , can continue to do what is a passion for me. Being outdoors in true wilderness and having the opportunity to spend months just cruising around in the bush.
    On night while sitting on the front porch my beautiful wife and I heard a wolf call. My beautiful wife calls back and they had a conversation. Tooooo cool. We have heard as many as 6 different wolves calling to each other one evening while moose hunting . Another night it had just gotten pitch black and we went upstairs to go to bed. Beautiful wife asks, whatís that noise? I ask whatís it sound like? She says a goat, well that aint happening out here. I got up and opened the door and instantly knew what was going down. The local wolves were taking a yearling moose down and it was the moose bellowing. They had quite a party going on for a while. Like 500 yards from our cabin. Got to hear 2 lynx cats square off on evening. Alley cats on steroids. Watching flocks of swans and other birds take off over your head and migrating birds come and go.
    Along with learning about all the wild life, learning what all the plants are and haw they can be used .
    Not to mention all the things that can happen while freighting all the parts and pieces to build a 16íx24í log cabin and all the stuff I need to have to build it and have a first class comfort for my beautiful wife. Including an indoor incinerator toilet for those cold times. 20 below is fairly regular. And a hot shower. Working on getting the sand point in the kitchen cabinet finished.
    Being able to spend many days and nights hauling freight across miles of wilderness where all you got is what you got when you will break down. Or out trapping, pitch dark like cant see your hand dark and finding your way back out of the woods. I always get a feeling that is still hard to discribe when the float plane that flies us or me out is taking off and it is just me and the world. No phone or any other help if you mess up.
    I have learned a lot while working and playing in a cold environment and am always happy to help other outdoors folks. Especially if you are into helping others by, take one make one, help folks young and old how great our wildernesses are.


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