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    Hey guys, just wanted to know what your go to gear was in regards to wood processing? Made a quick video breaking down the differences between the various tools while showcasing my gear, let me know what you think.

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    GB axes and hatchets. Silky or Corona saws. Crashdive knives.

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    Harbor Freight axes, Walmart saws, Wahoo Killer knives, just like the rest of the world.
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    More portable...? Mostly old stuff left over from first career.. Folding saw with curved blade (better than straight, cuts faster,) heavy bladed dirt knife and various and sundry cheap belt hatchets - always losing those suckers. I have an older non-folding curved pruning saw that puts those folders to shame. Plus there's a splitting maul and a couple bucksaws kicking around the garage somewhere. The two-man saw my grandpa had is long retired, but sharp and serviceable. It gets it's blade and handles oiled when I put the garden tools up for the winter.
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    I use a foot long leaf knife, I can chop, cut, scrape, gut
    ,and skin with it, but when doing bushcraft a hand axe,crosscut saw, a wedge and a thick machete I use as a froe(also doubles as a machete, who knew) lol. Sadly I can't use that combo anymore because my crosscut grew legs.
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    I use an old Plumb axe and hatchet and a folding Craftsman saw from Sears. I do not use a knife for splitting firewood.

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    I also use an old Plumb axe, Estwing hatchet, Husky and Dolmar chainsaws, for firewood. For clearing land, an old K-bar machete, Stihl brushcutter, Milwaukee M-18 power saws and trimmer.

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    no more wood processing than I've ever needed to do, can be done with the visegrip of the Crunch multitool and some Silky replacement blades. It's the brush clearing and digging that sometimes make me add the Cold Steel E-tool. I've always been able to either find downed wood or break off enough dead branches, altho that sometimes required the use of a large baton. If there's a need to be discrete, the saw is a lot less noisy than chopping. If you're in wet, slippery, cold, exhausted, sick or hurt conditions, the chopping can be dangerous as hell, too.


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