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    Hello there.

    Surfing the Internet, I read an article about edible flowers. I would like to order some seeds on my own and grow them but I am a bit afraid. Of the taste and also that I will choose one that is not edible! Could you tell me if every flower from my list is edible and if they are really tasty? Which will be the best to try first?

    Scarlet runner beans

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    I have drank tea made from Chamomile but dont know what flowers are safe to eat or why one would want to.
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    Nasturtiums have an excellent pepper flavor. The leaves and flowers are both edible.
    Marigolds are certainly edible but taste like grass. Sort of a mundane flavor.
    I grow both Nasturtiums and Marigolds and munch both in the garden and use Nasturtiums in salads. I can only speak about plants grown here in the U.S. I have no idea about native flowers grown in Poland. I know you will be safe if you order any variety of Tropaeolum minus or Tropaeolum majus.
    Have not eaten and don't know about the others. Sorry.

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    Borage, I've tried only the flowers and in small quantities as a garnish mostly. They sort of taste like cucumber.
    The plant can get a bit big and unruly though.

    Nasturtiums are tasty. Peppery, like Rick said.

    Marigolds smell so bad, at least to me, that I wouldn't want to eat them. I grow them in the garden as companion plants but that's all they are there for.

    If you eat your scarlet runner bean flowers, you won't have any beans. Choose wisely.

    Chamomile, there are two commonly available types.
    Chamaemelum nobile or Roman Chamomile
    Matricaria chamomilla or German Chamomile
    Both are used to make "calming" teas. I've not heard so much about eating either of them. Never tried. Just the tea on occasion.

    Daylilies - never tried them.

    If you grow squash or pumpkins learn to identify male from female flowers. Leave the females to produce squash. The males, dip in batter and fry them up.
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