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Thread: Any Compass Recommendations

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    Default Any Compass Recommendations

    Is it true that once a bubble develops in a compass they are no good. I bought a Silva compass and it ended up getting a bubble in it.

    Can any of you recommed a good book for learing to use a compass. I have not been able to find any classes on using one around my area?
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    There are any number of great threads on here about compasses and even how to use them in navigation. Here are a couple to start with.

    The bubble is cosmetic only usually formed by high altitude or cold weather. It's a vacuum bubble not an air bubble. Try setting it in a window sill in direct sunlight. As it warms the liquid inside, usually mineral spirits or similar, will expand and the bubble will be gone. Even is it doesn't, the liquid only serves to dampen the needle. It has no affect on accuracy. That is between the needle and mother earth.


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