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Thread: So Mankind isn't Doomed

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    Kelly went to the convenience store to get gas for the mower. As she walked out an older gentleman said, " Excuse me. But I heard you pay for 2 dollars worth of gas. Here. Get 10." She explained it was mower gas and thanked him very much anyway.

    I'm still tearing up a little.

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    that's awesome
    so the definition of a criminal is someone who breaks the law and you want me to believe that somehow more laws make less criminals?

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    We sure get tainted by all the stupid media idiots looking for the next big news flash that never is. The fact is, most folks are actually pretty good deep down. There are more than a few idgits running around but they don't count for much in my book. That gentleman did a really nice thing. I hope you or Kelly can pay that forward. That would be a very good thing.


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